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AX Driver

Niagara AX Driver

Niagara AX/N4 driver, allow customers to have a level of flexibility to choosing controller from different manufacturers, but to be truly open and you need to be able to select among devices supporting any protocol. Using the capabilities along with Niagara's toolsets and drivers. give you the ability to truly select best of breed solutions for your needs. Many times a custome needs to integrate a legacy control system into the Open System. These legacy systems often do not support the newer protocols such a Open System. This requires developer to write a driver to communicate with each system.

Availabled Driver.

  • Allen Bradley Cspv4 TCP driver.
  • Allen Bradley CIP TCP driver.
  • ASI RS485 Serial Driver.
  • Barber-Colman Asd RS485 Serial Driver.
  • Barber-Colman GCM RS232 Serial Driver.
  • Clipsal CGate TCP Client Driver.
  • Clipsal Cbus TCP / Serial Driver.
  • CSI I/Net RS232 Serial Driver.
  • Honeywell Cbus XL TCP Driver. (MIG112 is required).
  • Innotech RS485 Serial Driver.
  • Johnson N2 Open RS485 Serial Driver.
  • Johnson N2 Open Slave TCP Driver (MIG112 is required).
  • Novar RS232 Serial Driver.
  • Omron FINS Ethernet Driver.
  • OPC Server DA 2.0.
  • Robertshaw Microsmart TCP Driver (MIG112 is required).
  • Siemen Apogee DC4 RS485 Serial Driver (Legacy).
  • Siemen Apogee P1 RS485 Serial Driver.
  • SMS TCP/RS232 Serial Driver.
  • Staefa Smart II RS485 Serial Driver (TTL device is required).
  • TAP  (Telacator AlphaNumeric Protocol) TCP/RS232 Serial Driver (MIG112 is required when use TCP)
  • TCom Sedona Driver.
  • TComAX R2 TCP Driver.
  • Trane CommThree None Isolated RS485 Serial Driver.
  • Trane CommFour None Isolated RS485 Serial Driver.
  • Trend IQ2 RS232 Serial Driver.
  • Trend TCP Driver.
  • Telegram Alarm Messaging.


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