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Gateway Controller

The Gateway controller, from MaxLine, is the available product on the market for BACnet that allows users to integrate legacy system.

It allow customers to have a level of flexibility to choosing controllers from different manufacturers. But to be truly open and you need to be able to select among devices supporting any protocol. Using the capabilities of MIG112, along with MaxLine’s toolsets and drivers, give you the ability to truly select best of breed solutions for your needs. Many times a customer needs to integrate a legacy control system into the BACnet framework. These legacy systems often do not support the newer protocols such a BACnet. This requires developers to write a driver to communicate with each system.

As with all state-of-the-art driver development on the MIG112 controller goes, MaxLine’s drivers have ease of use features such as built-in Network Discovery, along with device and object discovery once connected.  This ease of use feature saves a tremendous amount of engineering hours on jobs where time is of the essence. 

Sample Gateway Architecture

Availabled Driver

  • Barber Colman - Asd RS485 Serial Driver.
  • Barber Colman - GCM RS232 Serial Driver.
  • Johnson - N2 RS485 Serial Driver.
  • Siemen - Apogee P1 FLN RS485 Serial Driver.
  • Trend - TCP/IP Driver.
  • Trend - IQ2 RS232 Serial Driver.


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