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Gateway Controller

Product Overview

The MIM312, from MaxLine, is a clever and compact solution now available on the market for a standalone BACnet solution that allows users to integrate their legacy system devices without special tools, or platforms.  

Built on the Web server (HTML5)

It has a web toolset software environment that solves the challenges associated with building Internet-enabled products, device-to-enterprise applications and distributed Internet-enabled automation systems. It takes the concept of normalizing the data and behavior of diverse devices, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol, to enable the implementation of seamless, Internet-connected, web-based systems to the next level.

Opening up Protocols, extending the life of existing sensitive system

It allows customers to have a level of flexibility to minimize workflow disruption and helps to choose controllers and solutions from different manufacturers. But to be truly open, you need to be able to select among devices supporting any protocol. Using the capabilities of the new MIM312, along with MaxLine’s toolsets and drivers, this gives you the ability to truly select the best of breed solutions with minimal disruption to existing workspaces. Many times, a customer needs to integrate a legacy control system into the popular open BACnet system. These legacy systems often do not support the newer protocols such as BACnet. This often requires developers to write a special software driver to communicate with each system, and to continually support them, it is no simple challenge.

Ease of use – Built-in Network discovery

As with all state-of-the-art driver developments on the MIM312 controller, MaxLine’s drivers have ease of use features such as built-in Network Discovery, along with device and object discovery, once connected.  These eases of use feature save a tremendous amount of engineering hours on jobs where time, costs and disruption time are very important.

Available Connector Driver

  • Barber Colman - Asd RS485 Connector.
  • Barber Colman - GCM RS232 Connector.
  • Robershaw - Microsmart RS485 Connector.
  • Siemens - Apogee P1 FLN RS485 Connector.
  • Honeywell - Cbus XL 50 Family RS485 Connector.
  • JohnsonN2 - RS485 Connector.
  • Modbus - RTU RS232/RS485 Connector.
  • Modbus - TCP Connector.
  • Mbus - IP Connector.
  • Omron FINS - Ethernet IP Connector.
  • TekAir - RS485 Connector.
  • Trend IQ - IP Connector.
  • Trane - Comm Three RS485 None Isolated Connector.
  • TCom - Sedona Connector.
  • Many more...

Scada/Front End Software Interface

  • BACnet IP Server Connector.
  • MQTT.
  • NDE - Tridium Niagara Data Exchange.
  • Modbus TCP Slave.
  • Haystack - Coming soon.


  • ARM 7 CPU 4-Core A9, 1.4Ghz Main Processor.
  • 512MB DDR3 High-performance memory.
  • MLC eMMC 8GB onboard eMMC.
  • Micro SD card reader.
  • 2x 10/100 Ethernet Port.
  • 2x RS232/RS485.
  • 2x RS485.
  • RTC.
  • 24 AC/DC Power.


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